About us

The Conway Sportsman's Club is an organization whose members share an interest in hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. Many of our members voluntarily support the youth programs, fundraising, facilities improvements, and club events. Our club house and shooting range are located on over 100 acres in the town of Conway, Massachusetts.

Club History

From the History of Conway 1767-1917 pg 83

The Conway Sportsman's club was formed in 1913 with the assistance of Game Warden Ruberg at Greenfield. It's influence is expected to protect game from lawless destruction. It is also actively engaged in stocking the streams with large-mouthed bass, pike, perch, and hornput from the state hatcheries have been placed in lake Wequanock. Trout fry and fingerlings have been put into various brooks of this locality. Pheasants have been received from the state game commission and turned loose in the woods. The annual supper of the club is a very popular event when members of the state commission and other speakers of reputation have addressed the club and it's quests.
The officers in 1916 were: President Alexander Sinclair, Secretary & Treasurer A.A. Belair, Directors Edward Atthauser, Allen R. Cook, Edward Graves, Alexander Sinclair, A.A. Belair.

These days the club sponsors youth events, sporting clays shoots, 3D bow shoots, and special events on the club grounds and in the town of Conway. The club maintains a youth scholarship. There is a pheasant raising and release program. Fund raising events include the game supper, gun raffle, and lucky duck race. Club meetings take place the first Thursday evening of the month at 7pm.

The Conway Sportsman's Club facilities are located on 3 parcels of land totaling more that 100 acres in the town of Conway as described:

First. Beginning at the northeast corner of the granted premises at a stake and stones running on land late of William Sterns to the old road over "Allen Hill" so-called: thence southerly on said old road to land of Mr's Charles F. Elmer; thence southwesterly on said Mrs. Elmer's land and land of Boyden Lee, known as the Wright Lot, to the home farm of said Mrs. Elmer; thence northeasterly on said Mrs. Elmer's land to said William Stearns' land; thence northerly on said Stearns' land to the place of beginning; containing 68 acres, more or less.

Second. Beginning at the southeasterly corner of the granted premises, running weterly on the old road over "Allen Hill" to land of Stephen Daniels; thence easterly on said Daniels' land and land of the late William Stearns to the old road to the Tobey place; thence by said old road to Tobey's on late William Stearns' land to the place of the beginning; containing 15 acres, more or less. Also a right of way by said "Allen Hill" road to land of Mrs. Elmer

Being the same premises conveyed to us by Ethel P. Moors by her deed dated May 7, 1936, and to be recorded herewith.

Third. Beginning on the northerly side of an old road, at the southwest corner of the granted premises, at a stake and stones, running easterly on land now or formerly of Ella M. Elmer, the same being on said old road, fifty-seven rods to land now or formerly of said Ella M. Elmer, thence northerly then easterly on said land now or formerly of said Elmer to land late of William Sterns, thence northerly on said Sterns land to land now or formerly of Darius F. Young, thence on said land now or formerly of said Young and Bear River westerly to the northwest corner of the granted premises, thence southerly on said land now or formerly of said Young to the place of beginning. Containing twenty-four acres, more or less. Being the same premises conveyed to the Conway Sportsmans Club, Inc. by deed of Fred W. Carrol and Charles W. Goodwin dated October 5, 1964 and recorded in the Franklin County Registry of Deeds, Book 1179 Page 84,

* Lake Wequanock is the body of water that existed above the dam by Fred Eldridge's driveway on the south river.