Youth Turkey Hunt Day

Training Day: TBD

Youth Turkey Hunt Day

April 23, 2023


All youth participants ages 12-17 first attended a rigorous day long training on the club grounds. Each trainee had an experienced Turkey Hunter as a mentor, who would later accompany the youth hunter on his/ her special turkey hunt. The focus of the training was Firearms Safety, with special emphasis on Sportsmanship and turkey hunting techniques. Only after completing this training could each youth hunter and mentor enjoy this special one day event set aside by the Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife on the Saturday prior to the regular hunting season, but also includes the entire Spring and Fall turkey hunting season.

From the original start date in 2009 and continuing to this day a team of Nation Wild Turkey Federation training members and Club staff set up a mock-check in station, where successful participants weighed their birds, posed for photographs with proud mentors and parents and shared their story of a successful hunt. All in attendance were provided with a cookout on the beautiful club grounds, and all youth participants were given raffle prizes. This program has not only given these boys and girls all important training in firearm safety and responsibility, but also taught them what it means to be an ethical hunter. It has also given each participant an appreciation of the outdoors they will carry forward to adulthood.


A number of sporting clubs in the state including Conway Sportsmans Club participate in this program which allows a number of youth the opportunity to hunt each year.


There is no cost for the program, and a Mass hunting license is not required for participants under the age of 15. Each participant must be between the age of 12 and 17 and must have completed a hunter safety course and provide a valid certificate. Participants are encouraged to sign up for a hunter safety course as early as possible during the prior fall and winter. Each participant will be provided with an appropriate firearm if needed. Only one firearm is shared by the mentor and youth hunter. Family members who wish to participate in the training and hunt may do so with the mentor’s approval. All family members are encouraged to attend the check in and cookout on the day of the hunt.

Important Info: You must register your youth for the training class by visiting the link below. Your youth will not be enrolled in the program otherwise.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Yearly changes in hunting laws can be found in the Massachusetts Fishing and Hunting guide.